Dmitriy Egupov. Painter.

Dmitry Grigorievich Egupov was born and got the initial art education in Krasnodar. His first teacher of painting was Yulia Georgievna Burko. Dmitry continued his education at School of Arts named after B.V. Iohanson at Leningrad Academy of Arts (Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.Repin).

During the course of studies at the restoration department of the Arts Academy the artist thoroughly studied the techniques and technology of painting, the heritage of famous masters of the past. The specific feature of the education one gets at the restoration faculty is the opportunity to master a wide range of painting techniques manners and style of painters starting from the Middle Ages and Renaissance up to impressionists. Having mastered all these Dmitry Egupov possesses a great range of stylistic opportunities. This is the unique feature of the artist/s creative style. It's worth mentioning that professional interests of the artist Dmitry Egupov include all the genres: portrait, still life, landscape, historical pictures.

The paintings of Dmitry Egupov have won the highest appraisal of specialists and are in great demand. Among the artist/s clients are the arts galleries of France, Sweden and Germany, the owners of private and corporate collections in Russia, Great Britain and the USA.