Dmitriy Egupov. Painter.

Portrait occupies a considerable place in the artist's creative work. Ceremonial, historical, genre, children's, group portrait Dmitry Egupov is brilliant at painting any of these.
Mother's Look. 2002 The main feature of portrait painting is the combination of interests and preferencies of both the painter and the client which sometimes creates a specific "double" authorship. The customer's personality his way of presenting himself provokes the artist to a particular manner of painting, composition and general character of the portrayal. The author's shrewdness and sensitivity is revealed in the ability to show the inner world of the person. Dmitry Egupov is a skillful master who uses both the experience of the classical painters and his own creative flair in portraying a true to life, lively unforgettable and unique image. Children's portraits are full of the sunlight and warmth. An easy, impressionistic manner, lively coloured patches of light correspond with the ingenuousness of kids. While classical style and portrayal of ceremonial portraits, evoking the historical prototypes, underlines the seriousness and importance of the person portrayed.
This variety of style and the ability of the artist to find necessary expressive means which help us see the soul of the person portrayed is the evidence of the uniqueness and importance of Dmitry Egupov as a portrait painter.

St.Ekaterina's Church. 2005 Landscape painting offers an artist a possibility to reveal his skills to the utmost. Nature is so variable that it gives an artist a chance to try himself in completely different manners and hypostasis. Dmitry Egupov being a real professional uses different techniques and genres including the 17 century painting and impressionism, genre scenes and lyrical sketches. With an ease he moves from one style to another adhering to all the required techniques and artistic canons and still not losing his own inner vision of the surrounding world. His St Petersburg can be a city of the 21 century and a city of the 19 century but still it will always remain the St Petersburg of Egupov. The city which is poetic, a bit romantic, full of transparent air and freshness.

The real professionalism of the artist is felt in his ability to organize a complex space of still life. A space in which colouring and composition create a multilevel painting, that can be compared with some valuable object each time you look at it you'll find something new.
The still life compositions are well planned they resemble the works of the classical painters, sometimes the spirit and mood of classical works , of "vanity of vanities" is created by the artist deliberately. Any object of Egupov's still life has its own character, its own aim. A branch of fragrant lilac, transparent pomegranate grains, an old photograph, a delicate butterfly create a unique mood of each painting. Egupov's still lives are characterized by the complex manner of painting, finest colour range, careful depicting of the smallest details and preservation of the image integrity.

Winter. 2007 It's the sketch that can tell us quite a lot about the artist. As the first impression is usually the most right one , the same way sketches, the first drawings of the future painting give us a clear picture of the artist's soul his creative potential. A sketch requires not only a very thoughtful approach, particularly delicate perception of the surrounding world but also great exactness of the depiction, the ability to portray the beauty of what you have seen the acuteness of the first impression with the help of minimum expressive means. Just a hint, just one accurate touch of brush can make us feel the centuries-old grandeur of an ancient fortress or hear the murmur of water at the ice edge, smell the bitter taste of the lemon peel. Egupov's old churches, rickety huts, winter forest, a bunch of wild flowers are full of life breath, air and light. Unusual easiness and ingenuousness with which the artist portrays charm and eternity of simple things proves his specific craftsmanship. In each painting of Dmitry Egupov one can see the beauty and diversity of our world and the unique inner world of the artist.

Oaks. 1996 Graphics is a special area of the artist/s creative work. In graphics his professionalism and skills are revealed to the utmost. The space of the paper very distinctly shows all the merits of the artist and zealously reveals any mistakes. In the graphics of Dmitry Egupov you can see the best features of his style and manner. Landscape, fairy-tale city, nude in every work of the artist you can feel the confidence of the artist's style. In his self-portrait each detail is important for revealing the personality. In one of the landscapes the skillful chiaroscuro takes us into the depth of the painting. The skillful drawing technique, the ability to make paper "speak", varied style and manner are the typical features of the artist's graphics.

Art critic Svetlana Mets